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Stevia health drinks

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Stevia Plus Syrup - 500 ml...

Introducing Anysté Stevia Plus Syrup – Your Natural Path to Wellness!

Stevia Plus Syrup is a revolutionary herbal health drink crafted for individuals who prioritise a proactive approach to health and wellness. Harnessing the extraordinary medicinal properties of Stevia, this syrup is specially formulated to support a healthy lifestyle and prevent and stay away from the threat of being a victim of type-2 diabetes.

True Stevia Syrup - 500 Ml...

Introducing Anysté True Stevia Syrup – Empowering Health for Those with Type-2 Diabetes!

True Stevia Syrup is a groundbreaking herbal health drink meticulously crafted to cater specifically to individuals managing type-2 diabetes. Going beyond conventional sweeteners, this syrup is formulated to support the natural rejuvenation of the pancreas, enhancing the possibility of the body secreting insulin naturally with regular use over a minimum of six months.

After one month of regular usage, it starts the process of maintaining a steady blood sugar level preventing further increase of blood sugar level.